I'm Jhanae.



I am a student, artist and content creator with no single passion, no single goal and no single joy; I have countless.

I'd been brought up in an environment, surrounded by supportive people who encouraged me to pursue all things that I enjoyed and all things that fascinated me. 

Growing up, music was my sanctuary: performing at shows, creating music and expressing myself through music.

As the years went on, I had grown to see the beauty in capturing a single moment and several frames through a lens, and so my love for photography had been born.

By expanding my knowledge of the world, it's people, it's creatures and life itself, I'd been amazed by all the possibilities that are within our reach.

And because of this, I've developed passions in cooking, health, fitness and wellbeing, the power of humanity, Veganism, and the environment.

Through this site, I will share the ways in which such passions have been embedded into my life and have led me to the best place in life I have ever been.




Jhanae Paule 


Collaborations: jhanaepaule@hotmail.com

Business Enquiries: jhanae@theplantpoweredco.com


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