2017: A Reflection

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Experiences are like grains of sand, delicate and fine in its structure. Each a fragment of its own being: indistinguishable amongst those of the like, but an individual and fragile speck in its purest form. Each within your reach, although grasping it is key to encountering the sensations of its wonders. 

And once you hold an immeasurable weight of them in your palms, you proceed to master its motion, controlling it to the greatest extent possible, whilst the remaining components continue to be controlled by the forces of a greater power.

Then you let go.

You allow those experiences to become available to others who walk this earth, whilst you - you repeat the cycle, collecting new experiences, each incomparable to the next. 

I learned a lot in 2017.

I had faced a number of trials, the difficulty of each, slowly accumulating as I progressed further into its midst. Although, the emotional and physical struggles I had met had eventually subsided, allowing me to reflect on the experience in such a way that had strengthened my inner being. 

I had faced a number of triumphs, each filling my heart and soul with an immeasurable scale of love, gratitude and appreciation for the life I had. These moments too, subsided, and in a similar way, allowed me to reflect on the experience in such a way that had strengthened my inner being.

Each trial and each triumph were the hands that moulded me into the person I am today. The ephemeral essence of each experience, placing a vision that I must be present in each moment, allowing my soul to soak up each of its fragments. I spent far too long, burdening myself with events of the past, and consuming my mind with anxiety about the future, neglecting the present moment. 

In 2017, my spiritual being flourished. In a world that is fast-paced and continuously in motion, I learned to just be; I became present. I developed a relationship with myself I had never once thought I could master - and that was to love myself.