My Experience with Gawad Kalinga


When I decided to take part in GK, I had three goals and by the end of the outreach program period, I am pleased to say that I achieved them all.

Firstly, to discover change. 
This had been fulfilled by doing something that had not yet been done. Once I had understood what was physically and psychologically required of me through my participation, I discovered change, as such volunteer work had never been part of the norm for me. 

Secondly, the creation of change by physically enacting my participation: by offering service to Kusina ng Kalinga, attending the Social Business Summit and assisting in the house building project in Cabiao. 
I must admit, the house building project was the hardest physical labour I had ever done, and yet the most fulfilling. I salute the men and women we worked beside under the scorching sun, hour after hour, for the joy and hard work they expressed despite the tough conditions.

Thirdly, to be the change. 
There are so many things we want changed or improved in this world, yet there is a vast majority of us who are sadly, never given the opportunity to act in favour of these desired changes and improvements. GK gave me the opportunity to be the change many of us want to see in the world; GK taught me that every child, every mother and every father should be subject to the same benefits I have; GK taught me that even by doing one small thing for another, I get so much more in return. 

Gawad Kalinga, thank for the life-changing experience. I'll be back.