To Be Happy


I put together this video while sitting in Terminal 3 of Changi Airport, browsing through and editing photos and videos from my family’s trip to the Philippines. 

I’ve been to the Philippines too many times to count, but this time was different in that my understanding of the conditions in this country I had gained through my volunteer work, the news, stories from parents, etc., had become clearer.

The country that I had known to be my second home my whole life is a beautiful country, with so much potential, but its victim to the mistreatment of those lower on the social hierarchy, increased levels of poverty, squalor, neglect, corruption, violation of rights, and the list keeps going. 

Why is it that a country this beautiful with people who have potential for so much more than they believe they deserve, remain in such upsetting conditions? Why is it that there is so much neglect for the abundance of resources the land offers? Why is it that I live such a comfortable life while the people there don't even get a chance to make a living?

What is fascinating though, is that despite all the upsetting conditions, there are countless people in the Philippines who are beyond grateful for what they have and the lives they live.

And because of that, they're happy.